Chris Kummerfeldt Quiroa

Chris Kummerfeldt Quiroa is a Guatemalan filmmaker, having studied Film Production in both Casa Comal (2009) and Vancouver Film School (2011). He is Co-Shareholder of the Canadian production company Warmland Films and Founder/CEO of Hunter 11 Films in Guatemala. His filmography includes award winning short films, video poetry, music videos, corporate and institutional audiovisuals and four feature length films.

He also teaches filmmaking in Canada & Guatemala, some of the courses he has provided include: Scriptwriting, Film Direction, Acting for Film, and 1st Assistant Direction. His current academic interests lie in cinematographic language semiotics, narrative archetype theory, and performance directing studies. Belonging from the generation of the Guatemalan Filmmaking Boom he has devoted his professional and entrepreneurial career to the advancement of the filmmaking community.

Irene Herbruger

Born and raised in Guatemala, Irene grew up with a rich dose of legends and magical realism which she used to digest life and understand the world around her. She knew from an early age she would either be a storyteller or conquer the world, and she feels she could do both by writing in a compelling way. Though she has been writing obsessively for years in journals and personal projects, it wasn’t until she worked as a corporate writer that she felt compelled to pursue her passion, mostly due to an unfortunate promotion that robbed her of the writing aspects of her job. She studied legal translation and history, likes researching random topics, considers Wikipedia articles to be the ultimate click-bait and tends to read the imdb page of every movie she sees, whether she likes it or not.
Irene is not the kind of person that toots her own horn, so she doesn’t. She would much rather have all attention focused on her stories than her person, but should she be forced to receive praise, she will do so graciously.

Fer Franco

Creative Producer & Actor & Musician

Fer is a musician, an actor, an entrepreneur and an academic who specialises in the creative industries.

He is known for his work in the bands Fraaek (Guatemala) and Cosmos Collapse (Manchester) as well as playing a leading role in the feature film Hunting Party (2015).

Fer has been involved in a wide range of projects, from co-founding a music and arts festival in Guatemala to working in the crowdfunding sector in London.

He recently completed his postgraduate degree at the University of Manchester, which focused in understanding innovation dynamics found within the Guatemalan Film Industry cluster.